“Get More Sales: Solve Problems, Share Solutions” sounds simple and it works. No matter what you sell in your Houston business or professional practice, people come to you because you’re a problem-solver.

How to Get More Sales: Solve Problems, Share Solutions

If you’re a dentist, you make smiles look better so your patient feels younger or more attractive. If you’re in catering, you’re solving a problem by taking the pressure off the business staffer who’s in charge of an event or needs to impress their prospects and clients with a delicious meal, right?
If you’re in collision repair, you make a customer’s car look like new again. If you’re a lawyer, you’re solving all kinds of problems for people. If you’re a tax preparer, you’re solving tax problems and filing returns.
After you solve problems for your patients, clients and customers, do you share your solution with your other customers and your prospects?

If you’re not “solving and sharing,” you’re missing out on a sure-fire way to convert more leads and get more sales.

Here’s how it works:
1. Pick one problem-solving success that was really a bad situation before you came to the rescue with your solution. Remember when the customer, patient or client came in for help? Remember what you did? (If you have “before and after” pictures, that’s really great!)
2. You’re going to tell a story — everyone loves stories. Bring your prospects and your current customers into the story by sharing little realities (without compromising or offending your customer, client or patient, of course).
3. Always change or abbreviate names and you can change other aspects to protect your customer’s identity, unless of course you ask for and they give you permission to share publicly.
4. When you have your story ready, share it everywhere — post it on your blog, post a link from your Facebook page to your blog, tweet a link, make a video for YouTube, share on Instagram, showcase it on your website homepage, and send an email to all your customers and prospects with a link back to your site to share how you helped a customer with your solution that’s better than anyone else in your part of Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Katy, Sugar Land or anywhere else.

5. If you use direct response mail, feature one of these stories on every postcard or piece you send. You’ll be surprised how much more responsive your audience is because you “solved and shared.”
This solving and sharing helps you get more sales in 3 ways:
1. It gives you credibility with your prospects who have similar problems
2. It reinforces or renews your credibility with current or lapsed customers
3. It shows how you care about solving people’s problems and that you’re the expert to trust
Try to add stories about “solving and sharing” in your marketing and communications. You should have at least one good story a week and this makes creating unique, relevant content easier for you.
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