Tired of Searching for Resources, Services and Products to Help Your Business?

Parduo Marketing uses these local business marketing resources and products or we tested them before our recommendation to you. (Disclosure: If you click and purchase from some featured services via our links, we may be compensated.)


Other Key Tools We Use to Make Our Marketing Easier, Faster and More Effective:

bit.ly: shorten those long hyperlinks for free. Instead of your leads seeing “mrhandymanhou.com/specialoffer” bitly shortens that long link to something like bit.ly/h1908 or you can pay for custom link cuteness. Yes the site is bit.ly — adorably effective bitly.

screenhunter: free version. Capture screenshots, just the part you want and save as a jpeg. Super tool to capture ideas or samples. Be sure to click the direct download link in blue.

fireshot: capture an entire webpage and save it as a pdf. Very useful if you want to show a sample of what you’re talking about. We use the free version every day.

XMind: Mind Mapping software we use. free version or paid version available. We test-drove the free version and chose to buy XMind Pro for the added features.

Google Analytics: if you do not have Google Analytics installed on your website, get that taken care of today. You’ll discover loads of helpful information on traffic sources for your site, how long people are staying on, what pages get visited and much more. Indispensable.

Use everything in the Google family of free tools and resources such as Webmaster Tools, Google My Business (formerly Google Places), Google+, YouTube, gmail, and more. They’re free and help a bit to get your business that coveted Google love in search results. You can consider premium options after you’ve set-up your Google network for your business. Start with a gmail account in your business name and keep the password in a place you’ll remember!

Google Trusted Photographer: Our friend Mark Susman is a certified Google Trusted Photographer. He creates fabulous Google Business View photo features (Google Virtual Tour) for your Google My Business page. It works for storefront, retail, restaurants or office businesses with a verified street address. Custom photo-shoot at your business and great value for the money. Starts at about $395. Let him know Parduo Marketing sent you. Click here for Houston business photography or call Mark at 713-622-5620.

Need fabulous photos like the ones we use?Click here and be prepared to spend time looking at the wonderful photographs. No commission or referral fee. We love and use Viktor’s gift for photography.